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The National Center on Education discovered that executives of 610 corporations with 500 or more employees stated that oral and written skills were the number one deficiencies in their organizations. They also discovered that most managers were unable to clearly organize material and communicate it cogently themselves.

As the pressure grows for companies and organizations to do more with less, they will increasingly rely on oral communication. Why? Because a one hour talk delivers nearly 40 pages of hard copy. Even a shorter presentation can reach more people quickly and persuade them 65 percent more effectively (Write Now surveys).

Greatalk! is the only training of its kind to go deeper than just overcoming fear and worn out delivery techniques. With our unique, proven SCORRE™ system, we drill down to the foundation of your speaking – your preparation. You will learn to prepare powerfully focused, crystal clear talks and then deliver them with confidence and power. The system is equally as beneficial for all types of communication from boardroom to email.


  • Become a Focused, Effective and Confident Communicator
  • Present incredibly effective sales and project reports
  • Galvanize your audience to precise Action
  • Greatly maximize your Prep Time
  • Improve your management skills
  • Break ineffectual habits that diminish your effectiveness
  • Increase professional visibility
  • Create talks that are crystal clear and dynamic every time

What You Will Learn

  • The sneaky tricks our unconscious mind plays on us in preparing a talk or presentation
  • SCORRE™ – a preparation technique designed for you to hit a home run every time
  • How to prepare effective presentations for every possible situation, from the elevator to the boardroom to the convention keynote address
  • How to take your writing to the next level by understanding how to effectively integrate SCORRE™ with the uniqueness of the writing process
  • The six stages every piece of communication MUST go through to become clear
  • The one secret to breaking through the overly crowded information atmosphere
  • The four calibrations used to determine your objective

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