Don’t have anything to offer? Think again

Writing and maintaining a blog is tough. First of all, if you have a brain like mine, ideas are often hard to come by. That sounds counter intuitive given our day and age, but to come up with stuff that others would really want to know about can drive you a bit batty. Do I really know stuff that makes a difference?

It begs the question: how does your information stand out among all the other information that is swirling around your brain like a tornado? In addition, you might think you have nothing of importance that people would be interested in anyway. To that I say, “Poppycock!” (even I can get into the Dutch swing of things!).

  • It’s a lot of poppycock to think your life experience isn’t important. It is. Your story is yours alone and has significance for others.
  • It’s a lot of poppycock to think what you do doesn’t matter. It does. Your vocation is making a difference whether you know it or not
  • It’s a lot of poppycock to think who you are isn’t good enough. You are. You’re the only one of your kind.

I’m not much for rah, rah, siss, boom, bah you can be and do anything you want mumble jumble. It too often lets people down. What you can do is be as complete a person as is possible for you, warts and all, writing your life story and planting yourself firmly in the place you are planted. You have something to offer that others will be hungry to embrace. As a friend of mine, McNair Wilson says,

“If you don’t do you, you won’t get done, and the world will be less because of it.”

And that’s no poppycock.

If you’re up to it, share with us in the comment section what you have to offer. I for one might really need to use it. To get started here is something I can offer: A deep compassion for the pain life inflicts because of my own struggle and suffering with the intense depression of ┬ábipolar disorder.