Proving God Wrong

Today I attended a Business Leaders Insight lunch. It is hosted by the Crankset Group, a small business development network that has been a significant resource for my business. There was a panel discussion with two men that have grown their business to maturity. What that means is they now have a business that not only gives them time and money but also significance. It’s where we all want to be.

They pointed out that reaching maturity in your business, heck, even in your life, entails trial and error and inevitable pain. Unless you’re in real, deep pain, you won’t change. We were made for the struggle and it’s through tough times we grow the most. Meaninglessness in life comes not from having too much pain but by having too much pleasure. So learn from the pain and all the mistakes, knowing it is making you more mature and more valuable to the world. It is providing meaning.

One man on the panel said he discovered three key insights for business and life. I thought they were fantastic and stuck with me. Here they are:

  1. God doesn’t make junk
  2. He didn’t create me to be a failure
  3. He gave me the option to prove him wrong.

Wow. That last insight hit me right between the eyes. I’ve been on a trajectory much of my life proving God wrong.  The irony is of course that it is impossible to do so. But in my valiant efforts I’ve made my life pretty pitiful. I lived with a scarcity mindset and an unhealthy view of myself and failure. I need to value who I am and the efficacy of my work- to have an abundance mindset. What you do matters and your struggles have meaning. Thank God!  So, no matter where you are in your business or life know that maturity comes from time moving through pain. You’re never a failure, just a life long learner…

How much pain have you experienced in work or life? How have you learned from it and grew more mature as a result?