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Vibrantly Mortal: Why Engaging Death Enriches Life

Life is the process of aging, and aging is the process of death in each and every one of us.That is the primary plot line in the story of our lives. It is part and parcel to who we are. Let’s face it, we are all mortal. Death is the most relevant topic on the planet. It relates to all of us and indeed the entire world. It can seem a rather hopeless and depressing reality. Yet, engaging your own mortality is the MOST profound thing you can do to live a life that is meaningful and truly matters. Really. No other engagement will sink you deeper into what is most important in life.Vibrantly Mortal is a book to guide and encourage you to face the fact of your mortality. This book will reveal to you the enriching benefits that death brings to your life, and how they can be embraced to live a full and authentic life. Loaded with stories from a chaplain on the front line of hospice, the book is both profound and full of whimsy at the same time. After reading Vibrantly Mortal, you will find a shift in your perspective that will leverage your mortality into living a life that is indeed wildly vibrant.

Bounce Back and Thrive: Skills for Resilience

 Extrapolating the latest social science studies on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive, Bounce Back and Thrive is intended to help you pursue optimal human functioning by integrating the crucial skills that enhance resilience and strengthen resolve. 


A critical skill in these challenging times if a Potent Communication. This book provides pithy pieces of advice for astonishingly effective presentations.

You Are Who You Were When

Understanding our generational personalities. A “quick” impact manual for discovering the formative themes of each generation alive today to effectively understand ourselves and the others we interact with.