Our resilient DNA

One of the wonderful “job”s I have is being a Marketplace Chaplain. I visit worksites (ranging anywhere from car dealerships to medical billing) and help care for the employees. My standard line is I’m there to “spread sunshine”.

Sometimes real needs come to the forefront and I have to respond as best I can. Today I visited three storage unit sites in Boulder. Boulder just experienced flooding that happens once in a generation. The sites were all affected from rising waters. One site was so flooded I got stuck trying to enter the parking lot. I hit “quicksand” and had to be towed out.

What’s impressive is how the employees of the storage units stepped up to the plate to help their fellow colleagues. Some took their day off and drove over an hour to be present in whatever way they could that would be most helpful.

I got to experience how resilient the human spirit is. When rubber hits the road we have the capacity to valiantly rise to any occasion.  We have an uncanny knack to figure things out. From becoming a new parent to transitioning to college far away from home, we learn to thrive no matter what.  So, don’t ever think you don’t have what it takes to flourish. It’s written in your DNA.

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