2 behaviors to avoid

I’m still raring to go this new year. Not enough time has passed to lose the passion. There’s still time to accomplish what I’ve set out to do this year. But time goes by swiftly, often upending my good intentions and leaving me with nothing but potential. Everyone has potential. The problem is, potential doesn’t really get you anywhere. It’s easy to default to the potential position- “I have the potential to be a great speaker”; or “My potential to be an artist has never been higher.” Potential is a subtle form of making excuses for inactivity. I’ve written about it before. Must be a theme in my life.

So this new year, I encourage you to move beyond potential to action. After all, you don’t feel your way into a new way of being, you act your way into a new way of being. So, let’s get off our butts of potentiality and get into the game. To do that you must overcome two behavioral barriers to living a full life.

Cowering– Cowering is a weak response to the stresses and strains in life. Rather than boldly go where no one has gone before, we crouch down on our knees, arms crossed above our heads to lessen the blows as we acquiesce to the challenges in life. We stay put because we don’t have the confidence to move ahead.  If you say “I can never do that”, you’re cowering. Find out what you can do instead and courageously see it through.

Wallowing– Wallowing is staying in place while doing things that look like progress. It’s often called “spinning your wheels”. It’s the avoidance of making decisions and committing to any one thing.  Busyness is wallowing. We stay put by being busy all the time. Busy doing what? Have you found yourself saying “I can’t do that, I’m too busy.” You’re wallowing. Have a purpose and stop being so busy.

I hate to admit it but I’m really good at cowering and wallowing. I have to remember they don’t just affect me but friends and family also. They deserve a person who is courageous and decisive. Besides its a much more adventurous way to live.

How easy is it for you to cower or wallow? What are some things you’ve done to confront them?


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