10 things that will disappear from daily life

Our world is changing at a breakneck pace. We are living in a day and age where permanence is a rare commodity. When I watch movies or television shows from the past, I point out tongue in cheek some of the obsolete objects in life. “See that kids, that man is using a phone booth.” “See that kids, that’s what’s called a fax machine.” “That’s what’s called a cassette tape”. “Oh that, that’s a Volkswagen Thing.” (look it up). Other than bipartisanship, here is my list of ten things that will disappear from daily life.

  1. The penny My best friend from college used to throw every penny he got as far as he could. Really, the cost to make a penny is more than it’s worth on the market.
  2. Indoor shopping malls They will be replaced by “lifestyle” centers and online sites where huge warehouses will be in close proximity to deliver the product the same day.
  3. Cash All monetary transactions will take place with smart phones and scanners.
  4. Magazines The ones that you buy at the store in the airport. They will all transition to being an online publication (“Newsweek” recently made the shift.
  5. Fax Machines These are already antiquated for the younger generations. They were cool when they first came on the scene but not any more.
  6. Chemotherapy This is for all my friends who have cancer. We’ll look back someday and wonder how we could be so barbaric in treatment. Genetic sequences will be discovered that can target the molecular structure of cancer and alter it or get rid of it.
  7. Lady Gaga et al. Trust me, we’ll still be listening to the Beatles in twenty years but wonder who the heck is Lady Gaga and what did she sing? Or Katie Perry…or…..
  8. Cords. Everything will be wireless.
  9. Music CD’s This is already happening at a fast rate. Most are now used as coasters.
  10. Fresh Water. This won’t disappear completely. It can’t. But the wars of the future will be over water, not oil. Lake beds and rivers are drying up or retreating all over the world.

So, what about you? What things do you think will disappear from daily life? Leave your comment below





One comment on “10 things that will disappear from daily life
  1. Wlpiersee says:

    So recently my son (15) had some guy friends over. I found one of them standing in my kitchen staring at the fridge. “Can I help you find something?” I said. He looked at me and said, “Ice”. “Its in the freezer” I said. Blank look. “In the ice trays” I clarified. Another blank look from the guest. I proceeded to open the door on the freezer, pull out an ice tray and crack it for him at which point he smiled and said, “Cool! Robo-mom!”. Yep. Kid had never seen a fridge without ice on the door. Still makes me laugh!

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