Ten Speaking Tips from the Rapper IceT

In his documentary, Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, Ice T interviews some of the big names in rap music and goes on to reveal 10 gangster tips for better public speaking

1. Know Your Material
2. Practice. Then, Practice Some More
3. Know The Audience
4. Know The Room
5. Be Descriptive
6. Be Confident
7. Never Apologize
8. Put In The Hours & Learn To Love Them
9. If Two Of You Are Presenting, Pick The Right Partner
10. Pump Up The Volume

These tips aren’t much different from what would be included in anyone’s list, but I found Never Apologize (#7), Put in the Hours & Learn to Love Them (#8), and Pump Up the Volume (#10) to be very compelling.

Never Apologize: I’ve heard too many speakers get up in front of an audience and apologize for being there. That is, they let the audience know they aren’t an expert, very articulate, etc. and apologize for it. That just draws attention to you ‘weaknesses’. Be bold, be confident, and be the speaker you want to be. Start acting like it.

Put in the Hours & Learn to Love Them. To become a good speaker takes time, to become a great speaker takes LOTS of time. You need to always be polishing you talk, always be a student of the best speakers you admire, and put in lots of practice and finding the value in it.

Pump Up the Volume. There is nothing wrong with delivering speeches that have “pizazz” and sometimes “go over the top”. They become more memorable and give you the freedom to be wildly creative. Amplify your voice with the clarity and creativity and you will be heard.


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One comment on “Ten Speaking Tips from the Rapper IceT
  1. Jon Hokama says:

    I agree that being excellent at speaking involves practice, practice, practice!
    Check out my May 28 blog on mastery at http://www.jonhokama.net/

    Thanks for the encouragement to “go over the top”–I know I need to do that more.


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