2 essential elements of a speaking business

I work with many speakers who want to begin sharing their life’s experience and knowledge into talks that will leave a legacy. Most don’t see themselves as a headliner at large conventions, but they do want to get the word out in their corner of the world. Whether full time or as a side business, there are two essential elements to manage a small speaking business. These insights come from The Crankset Group, a small business development organization of which I am a part of.

  • You need to work from a bad plan. If you wait until all the lights are green to take a trip, you’ll never get going. Work with what you have at hand and move forward. The plan is going to change, be modified, or completely revamped. Guaranteed. It’s not perfect or complete. Thus it is a bad plan. But it is the only plan you have at the moment so act on it.
  • You need to have outside eyes on what you are doing. Find a select group of people that you can invite to give their insights and advice on your aspirations as a speaker. They will pick up on things that you miss because you are so immersed in it.

Bottom line: Start badly and let others know about it.

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