Tactics for Tough Times: Be Ready not to be Ready

Many people are taking this current moment of uncertainty to re-invent themselves and pursue a career that will bring them more meaning.  Some are wallowing and retreating into a shell of self-preservation and depression. I’m committed to equipping THE THRIVERS and inspiring THE WALLOWERS with the resilient skills needed to be agile and vibrant in turbulent times. I am offering in the next few posts, seven tactics for tough times. They will be short, I promise, and hopefully worthwhile to you as we approach the end of a turbulent year and approach the beginning of another one.

Tactic 1: Be Ready not to be Ready

This tactic sounds like it was conjured up over a couple of pints in a pub, but it makes complete sense. We need to embrace uncertainty and chaos as part of the very tenor of our lives. We also need to begin living by a bad plan. No plan is perfect or fool-proof so we need to navigate with a plan that is open to flexibility and interpretation. It won’t always work, but that’s when you make the needed adjustments to another bad plan. After all, no one ever took a driving trip by waiting until all the lights were green. Take a deep breath and get moving with whatever plan you got at hand.

When has a bad plan brought you where you wanted to go? What did you learn? What is your bad plan for 2012?

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