Made for the struggle

We were made for the struggle. The human race has shown an amazing ability to be resilient in tough times- we all wouldn’t be here otherwise. Exposure to struggle, setbacks, and adversity can steel us to function better than expected with future challenges. It is similar to an inoculation that gives us the strength to resist future exposure to a disease.

Often the deepest joy comes from going through crisis and growing into a stronger, more vibrant person. Meaninglessness in life comes not from having too much pain, but from having too much pleasure. As much as we might not want it, inevitable adversity leads to a depth of meaning that can be garnered no other way.

Becoming a stronger person because of adversity and setbacks is one of the deeper satisfactions in life. However, in order to thrive in the midst of them, we must make a choice. As was previously mentioned, you can either choose to let the situation shackle you with weakness and insecurity or you can choose to lean forward into the headwinds of the storm and find the strength to walk on through.

Choice is the choice to give up choices. When confronted with a difficult situation you must make the choice to give up the choice to give in. It must not even be an option in your mind. You must have a whole hearted resolve to face the difficulty full on and accept the pain that comes along with it. It’s tough though. And there’s the kicker. The weaker response of giving in to adversity is the easier way. That’s why so many people wallow through life. Giving up rather than getting up is a cowardly response that doesn’t take much effort. It’s also surrendering to self-pity and inactivity- the enemies of resolve.

Getting up from tough times takes courage and strength. Its a battle, and a tough one at that. It’s the wounds of that battle that leads to wisdom. I call it “scar tissue”. People who have scar tissue healed by resilience are the wisest, most vibrant of people I know. They become the sages that people seek out for insight on their own quest to thrive.  So, be strong rather than weak, spunky rather than dull, and feisty rather than flaccid.

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  1. ken says:

    Some body said that with out conflict there is no growth……..

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