Go easy on yourself

Like so many relational responses in our lives, we tend to put our best foot forward with others but rarely do it for ourselves.  We easily and readily beat ourselves up over our failings (real or perceived) and lambast the better part of ourselves for not living up to our expectations.

It's a bit understandable though. We face magnanimous change and our ability to navigate it competently is questioned. It's new territory requiring new skills. In that uncertainty it is very easy to berate ourselves for not knowing what to do or how to do it.

We need to go easier on ourselves. However, that does not mean we become self-indulgent or that we lower our standards. Self-compassion can be very motivating. It causes us to pursue healthier choices in order to take of ourselves.

So instead of bemoaning the fact that you skipped that workout or ate that extra donut, cut yourself some slack and believe you'll do better next time.  Know that in this time of change and challege you are capable to learn the skills you need and have the ability to do what is needed for yourself and others. You will learn from your mistakes and grow in wisdom – knowing you're not as flawed as you think you are.  A tough task I am still working on.

2 comments on “Go easy on yourself
  1. Lance says:

    Well said Jeff! Thanks.

  2. Kim says:

    I think I need to print that off and attach it to my arm or something so I can read it every hour or so – Thank You, again.

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