A deeper beauty

In the classic Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the dwarfs return home from a hard day at the mines, their picks slung over their small shoulders. From a distance, They see that their small cabin in the woods is unexpectedly aglow, and a billow of smoke drifts from the chimney. Warily, they make their way into their cabin and discover that an intruder is asleep in their bedroom. Their imaginations run wild as they discuss what vile creature slumbers in their room.

The other dwarfs urge Dopey to go and investigate. "Don't worry. We're right behind you," they assure him. Dopey carefully cracks open the door and enters. Just then, the "thing" under the sheets stretches, and Dopey and the other Dwarfs flee in unbridled terror. "What was it?" they scream. "Did you see it? Did you see it?"
Dopey nods his head vigorously.
"Was it a dragon?"
Again Dopey nods yes.
"Did it have horns?"
Using his fingers to imitate horns, Dopey nods again.
"Did it slobber?"
Dopey nods again, slobbering profusely.
The fears of the dwarfs have grown larger with each question.
"What was it doing?" they ask.

Dopey closes his eyes and snores.

Doc cries, "There's a monster sleeping in our beds! Let's get him while we can."Once again they venture up the stairs to deal with the beast in the bed. Gathering around the bed, they raise their picks to deal the fatal blow to the monster. But when the sheets are thrown back, they find a harmless guest, the beautiful Snow White. Such is the power and unpredictability of an imagination that surprises us and leads to deeper beauty.

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