Light Waves and Multi-tasking

On October 15, 1915 a young patent clerk named Albert Einstein forever altered the way we perceive the universe. Part of his theory of relativity was that light waves bend around objects with gravitational pull. So that means the light from our sun bends a bit around our planet and continues to bend as it travels on and by other gravitational sources.

An overwhelming amount of research debunks the myth that human beings are truly capable of multi-tasking. We can only attend to one single thing at once and all other tasks or stimuli are simply distractions to the main task at hand. Yet our attempts to multi-task persist. Part of the reason for its endurance is the proliferation of technology that encourages it. 

The point? Our lives are bending around the gravitational pull of technology, changing the attention to our lives at warp speed. Rather than focus on the task or person in front of us, we bend ourselves away from it and them. This dynamic persists and will only intensify with the pull of technology and all its gizmos in our lives.

The challenge for all migrating through extraordinary change it to stay focused. Resist the bending and distractions in our fast paced world in order to fully attend to what really needs to be done at any particular and peculiar moment in time. Especially at this time.

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