Botched Ump calls and Chinese Astronauts

Everyone is probably aware by now that the biggest botched call in the history of baseball occured on what would have been the final out of the perfect game that Armando
Galarraga was pitching for the Detroit
Tigers. The umpire, Jim Joyce, called the runner at first safe when in actuality he was out.  He has courageously acknowledged his mistake and the "jipped" pitcher Galarrago has accepted the flawed decision with poise and grace.

first astronaut, Yang Liwei, floated back to the motherland in October 2003, having
orbited Earth 14 times in the Shenzhou 5, or Divine Capsule. Cameras captured the pale but smiling Liwei emerging from the capsule in a show of perfect execution and success of the mission.

However, what has recently been revealed, the landing wasn't as smooth as the Chinese media was revealing. Yang Liwei had a jarring moment on touch down splitting his lip and becoming drenched with blood. Immediately the authorities washed the wounds of the astronaut and reshot his emergence from the capsule clean as a whistle.

The point? Mistakes are made all the times and we could choose to expend energy covering up their existence or we can come clean and admit our failure with courage and grace. The former only leads to insecurity in being found out, while the latter leads to the assurance that you did the right thing with a wrong situation.

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