Components of Gratification

We all want to go to bed in the evening and believe we have done a good job. It's a bonus to find fulfillment in our vocations and hobbies.  Heck, it's nice to get a pat on the back if not from someone else then at least from our own selves.  The following are the psychological components of Gratification:

  1. The task is challenging and requires skill. We are stimulated toward growth.
  2. Concentration. A focus on the task at hand
  3. Clear goals. We can measure our progress and completion
  4. Immediate feedback.
  5. Deep, effortless involvement.  Some call this being in the "flow".
  6. A Sense of Control. We can participate in the outcome
  7. Sense of Self. The ego gives way to gift.
  8. Time stops.  This is when time "flies"

Be gratified this day in all that you do…

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