Ode to my wonderful, beautiful bride

I couldn't continue writing a blog without somehow focusing in on my wife. As some of you do or do not know I was recently given the diagnosis of bipolar II disorder.  It differs from bipolar I in that my mania is not near as pronounced, but the depression is much more severe.

All that is to say, that for the entirety of my married life I have struggled with the disease – and my wife has been smack dab in the middle of it with me, sharing every oscillating moment.  Over the years she has tempered me and kept to her vow to love me in sickness and in health.  The following reflection is an ode to my wonderful, beautiful bride of 20 years:

Love is an ethereal reality often missed

and blessed is the one who captures its nuance

It never falters or wanes

It never seeks its own orbit but rises and sets

on the unselfish horizons of sacrifice.

My wife is a star that shines her love

through the dark storm clouds of life

The warmth of her love dissipates the fog

and brings forth much welcome solace.

I can barely contain my wonder.

My life has been saved

by the wisdom of her mind

the sparkle of her laughter

the authenticity of her voice.

I can barely contain my wonder.

Multifaceted shades and hues of color

cascade into the core of my soul

through the palette of her gifts.

She saturates my world with life.

I can barely contain my wonder.

I love my wife more than words can tell

and am grateful for her perseverence.

My life is richer and more valuable

As I wrap myself daily

In the tapestry of her love.

I no longer can contain my wonder…

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