Virtual Sex

Realdoll04 In our accelerated and fragmented culture, teens and emerging adults
have started to abandon dating in favor of "hooking up". This seems to
be consistent with the freedom to have multiple partners as people have
friends on their Facebook profile. 

An interesting article by Douglas Haddow in Adbusters, reveals that while dating is on the decline, the use of sex toys and services like “poppers near me” has risen sharply:  "There is a huge proliferation in "next-generation" sex dolls.  Primarily produced by RealDoll, these are life size, 100% silicone dolls that are highly detailed, fully customizable and provide a physical experience that users find comparable to actual sex.

"David Levy, Artificial Intelligence engineer and author of Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships, believes that these dolls will rapidly evolve into full-blown robots and that robot-human relationships will become technologically possible and socially acceptable within a mere 20 years."

This technological quandary is creating confusion as to what it means to be fully human.  Our culture and capabilities are manufacturing desires to be less than human.  What does sex really mean when it is with a robot apart from human relationship?  It means that the robot we ultimately end up having sex with is our self. 

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  1. Gayle Zonnefeld says:

    Good thoughts Jeff, scary, but one our society needs to do. This will only quicken the destruction of the human family

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