Enhanced Competencies

Change today is not only relentless, but accelerated and discontinous from previous known
certitudes and strategies. It demands completely new ways of being and
doing. We are living in the impact of the improbable — it’s a whole new
space. The migration through such space involves the transformative
movement from the way things are to the way things ought to be. It can
be a place of opportunity, creativity, and transformation. How to move
to a more desirable and humane future is of vital concern for everyone.

Jeff has identified the following core competencies as absolutely essential for migrating through the quandaries of contemporary change:

• a robust collaboration
• a potent communication
• a persistent adaption
• a vibrant imagination

focusing intently on these practice areas, Jeff is able to outfit
people and organizations with the abilities and tactics to make our
current moment useful, durable, nimble, and sustainable.

you’re looking for an opening keynote speaker, closing keynote speaker
or general session presentation, Jeff Vankooten delivers a tailored
program that will exceed your expectations – guaranteed. preview>

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