What I Know

I hang out occasionally at a local coffee shop. I’ve become one of the “regulars” there, a real bohemian, who sits and converses around what is affectionately called “the round table”. 

Let me tell you, there is some rich discussion that radiates from there.  The variety of participants and topics is always invigorating, with most conversations focused on the massive changes happening all around us, every day. They are loaded with humor, frustration, anger, tall tales, excitement, and sometimes a bit of profundity (and profanity). 

I try to contribute to the conversation as best I can. Every so often, when all the planets align and I’ve had a stout breakfast, I’ll contribute something to the dialogue that seems to resonate with everyone.  When that happens someone at the table gets very animated and affectionately responds with: “Wise words, from someone not so wise”.

It's like when you typically don't wear a suit and tie around during the day.  Then on that rare occasion when you need to wear one, everyone comments on how great you look and makes a huge "to do" over your appearance. 

That’s often how I feel – a human being who verbally dresses up (to some "oohs and "aahs") now and again and contributes a profound insight into his own “round table”.

So, this little ditty of a blog is hopefully some wise words on change from someone not so wise…

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