Look on the bright side – and up your game

Performance-430 I have blogged previously on the importance of mental fortitude and focus in migrating effectively through the quandaries of extraordinary change.  In the realm of extreme sports, doctors have ID'd specific strategies we can adopt – before, during, and after an event – to harness the power of a good mood.  The lessons are easily translatable to the realm of extreme change in our lives:

Before: Classify you butterflies

Adrenaline can be a double-edged sword. It can either stimulate or debilitate you. If you tend to get tied up in knots, create distractions.  Let adversity by your ally, not your enemy.

During: Think Small

It’s never too late to change your outlook. If you’re tired midway through a race, don’t dwell on it. Instead, break down your goals into manageable chunks.  Sometimes its one step at a time.

After: Take charge

Once you’ve determined what feelings help you excel, you can hone specific strategies. Honest evaluation of the thought processes that worked or didn't work is powerful in learning how to handle the next change event.

Having overarching, integrative strategies before, during, and after change can make the migration through it much more effective and rewarding.

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