A good and wise friend of mine, who compassionately subscribes to my blog, asked for a little clarification regarding the post yesterday.  It was mostly word for word from a scholarly journal and admittedly rather wordy.  I wasn't too happy with my equally wordy response back to him. 

So, I began to think about hope, and how the youth of today inherit a world of potentialities. It's up to the adults in their lives to partner with them and engage the current changes in ways that leave a lasting impact and an enduring legacy. Since the youth embody the leading edge of cultural changes, it's imperative that we relate to them with hope.  The alternative, of course, is despair.  

Maybe the meaning of what I quoted yesterday can be visualized by the following video (which I blogged about earlier) produced by the AARP.  The lettering is too small but the payoff is big. Especially the surprise ending. That "old farts" organization came up with something rather hip, and well, hopeful…

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