It’s On

Southwest Airlines launched a new Ad Campaign on June 1st aimed at tough times. At the end of the ad a narrator intones that the airline doesn’t fly around tough times. It’s on, and they’re ready.

It’s on for all us…

It’s on every time our minds persist in discouraging thoughts.

It’s on every time we think we can go it alone without the camaraderie of those who care.

It’s on every time we stubbornly refuse to admit our fear and hide behind a facade of platitudes.

It’s on every time we avoid nourishing our souls with silent listening, contemplation, and transcendent faith.

It’s on every time our decisions preclude others who are in greater need.

It’s on every time we become too enamored with our technology to solve our problems.

It’s on every time we rely on massive military might to secure our happiness.

It’s on every time we stop taking initiative for the health of our relationships.

It’s on every time we live without grace.

This is the time of our lives. It’s tough. It’s on. Are you ready?

2 comments on “It’s On
  1. Pearse says:

    They say that most of our conditions are based on muslce inbalances and that doing their specific exercise for certain problems will align everything. And stop the problem from coming back etc But yours is specifically aimed at my problem which is the bulging disc (on my L5) which is pinching the nerve down my right side and causing me so much pain.I’m going to go and get some of the activator technique you have suggested.thanks again

  2. I’m so happy to hear you made it there safe and things are going well so far. I will be praying for your continued health, safety and status of the adoption Good luck, and enjoy

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