What I’ll say to graduates

Education-graphics_1080875a I have the honor again this year of addressing the graduates of Front Range Community College in Colorado. When I spoke at their commencement last year I highlighted the resilient skills needed to navigate the tumultuous rapids of change.  Little did I know how prescient that was given the upheavals of the intervening year!

This year I am going to focus on the stimulus package of education.  Stress is everywhere.  Relationships are strained.  Systems are breaking down.  Nearly everyone is bewildered and deflated.  The time is ripe for graduates to enliven the world (and their lives) through the dynamics of a stimulating education. Here, briefly, is my outline of those dynamics:

Stars in our eyes: A stimulating education ignites a hopeful vision for the future

Mud on our hands: A stimulating education inspires a grateful service for community

Curiosity in our minds: A stimulating education exhibits an imaginative prowess for exploration

Love in our hearts: A stimulating education instills a willful sacrifice for others

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