Quoted hope

The following are recent, hopeful contributions that were spoken into my life from a variety of sources. I'm pondering them now because I didn't have the best of weeks.  Since I explore quandaries that arise from accelerated, discontinuous change, and the subsequent angst they can sometimes create, I offer these to you as well:

"Healing is the restoration of integrity to injured tissue."  This was emailed to me by a pastor after I crashed on my bike. My flesh was wounded, my ego was bruised, but after this timely contribution my spirit was restored. 

"A stronghold is a mindset that is pregnant with hopelessness." This twittered statement resonated deeply within me because I was again struggling with the depression that has marked most of my life.  I am earnestly exploring the thought processes and patterns that keep me straight-jacketed in despair.

"You can't think your way into good acting, but you can act your way into good thinking"  I over heard this in a bar and grill in North Carolina. I instantly interfaced it with the previous stated contribution on strongholds.  One of the more powerful molding factors for our thoughts is the simple child-like ability to pretend.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression" This was spoken into my life from a friend who was a Disney Imagineer.  It has ramifications across so many disciplines and vocations, but particularly for me now as I ponder the radiance of an authentic, creative life from a joyful core that is constantly nurtured.

"In the end, the only thing you really own is your story" This was a line spoken by the character played by Hugh Jackman in the movie "Australia".  We're connected to the human race by the stories that arise among us.  In a commodified day and age where we are seen more as consumers than human beings, remember to develop a story for your life where love is truly exemplary.

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