Generation OMG

That was the title of a recent NYT's "Week in Review"
article that reflected on the ramifications this current economic
downturn will have on the youngest generation coming of age today.
Since much of my studies is around generational issues (and one of the quandaries I focus on), I found it very
intriguing. In fact, I had already begun an investigation of my own
and started with a book by Glen H. Elder, Jr.
entitled, Children of the Great Depression.

Though our current economic condition is not as severe
(yet?) , I've often thought that today's youngest generation (the
younger millennials born after 1995 and what I call the "Hypers" born
after 2000) will have to adapt to a great contraction
from previously known abundance. There will have to be a holding back, a letting go.  It could be an agonizing challenge.   I think the values of frugality, thrift, and
stewardship are in need of a resurgence, making the oldest generation alive, The Matures (born prior to 1946) suddenly very relevant to the youngest generation indeed.

The following video has gotten many comments and highlights an intriguing desire for bringing values of contraction to life:

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