Jeff Vankooten

Keynote Speaker ~ Author

Entertaining & Thought Provoking

Jeff Vankooten is an entertaining and thought provoking speaker who engages change head on, teaching audiences and readers through his motivational and real life experiences the value of embracing change as a transformative ally.  He provides key insights into our cultural moment and the essential abilities needed so everyone can collaborate, communicate, imagine, and adapt.  If you are serious about profoundly engaging change and its challenges head on, without retreat and with humor and hope, then Jeff is one of the most important resources at your disposal.

What people are saying about Jeff

“As expected Jeff, your presentation was outstanding and the evaluations were very positive. I sat in on the program and came away with many very practical tips that I can put to use right away.”

Gary Abrams
Executive Director
Colorado Bar CLE

“In his wonderful storytelling manner, Jeff draws his listeners into the lives of others who demonstrate courage, creativity and hope in the midst of a changing world. Jeff’s style is relational and his humorous approach to life’s circumstances and challenges connects our hearts to our heads, creating inspiration with commitment.”

Linda Olson PhD
Director, Pioneer Leadership Program
University of Denver

“Out of a possible score of 5 in three categories, (objectives, work of presenter, & met my expectations), Jeff scored 4.8, 4.8, and 4.7, respectively.  One person even gave him 5+,5+, and 5+!”

Lisa Mull
Conference Coordinator
Meetings Industry Council

“Jeff can communicate with the best of them. He’s funny as can be, silly smart, and deeply insightful in his grasp of transitional moments. Jeff can speak, write, challenge, stir up, and calm down his audiences with a gracious vision for the future. If you want deep thought coupled with energizing humor, Jeff’s a great choice!”

Ron Forseth
VP Business Development
Outreach Inc.

“Jeff’s presentation energized, intrigued and motivated our entire staff. The language and mental constructs he provided have allowed for mindful discussion about how to best handle future opportunities. We are looking forward to inviting Jeff back for future presentations and workshops.”

Philippe Ernewein MA
Dean of Faculty Training & Development
Denver Academy

“The writers group can’t stop talking about what a great job you did. I’ve received so much positive feedback from various members of the group. GREAT JOB!!! Of course, I’m not surprised in the least. I admire your speaking ability, expertise and how you deliver it all with so much heart.”

Michele Cushart
Strength for the Journey

“Quite easily one of the top half of one percent of all speakers in the world“

My Dad
Whaddya expect?

“Jeff lights up his audiences with transformational and entertaining information that provides real world skills.”

Diane Mulligan
Mulligan Speakers International

“The best speaker I have heard all year”

Lonnie Glessner
America’s Mortgage

Jeff's Thoughts