Communication Matters

How many times have you been in conversation with a friend, spouse or colleague when all starts to go wrong? You begin with the intent of discussing one thing, yet before you realize it you’re arguing about another – and you have no idea how you got there?

Communication Matters is a research based approach to teaching people in conflict and misunderstandings how to communicate effectively, work as a team to solve problems, manage conflicts between different ages without damaging rapport, and preserve the integrity of all involved.


  • Increase perceptual accuracy in communication
  • Enhance relational rapport among colleagues
  • Developing a sense of confidence and mastery over future problems
  • Learn what healthy communication looks like
  • Integrate good communication skills with tough real life issues

What you will learn

  • The critical speaker/listener technique guaranteed to ease relational conflict
  • How to say what needs to be said without misunderstanding
  • Leveraging conflict as an ally rather than a detriment
  • Critical skills to prevent relational “blow ups” in the future
  • Essential problem-solving techniques

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Jeff Vankooten is a speaker and author focusing on the power of resilience to effectively engage the challenges of change. He helps leaders, businesses, and organizations develop the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly unpredictable business environment.
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