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Digital Detox Week

April 19 – 24 is Digital Detox Week.  This is a campaign created by Adbusters to free us from the confines of a digital lifestyle.  Here is what Zachary Colbert of Adbusters has to say about the challenge to detox

The Need for Stillness

I believe one of the major needs of our day is contemplation. The ability to be still in the world, seeking solace in the midst of an overly noisy world.  The latin word for "leisure" is "schola".  It is the

The bittersweet, exhilarating, agonizing angst of change – daddy style

I am father.  I have three children, a son (14), and two daughters (12 &10).  They are growing up way too fast. Way. It's a reality of our perception that time really does "fly". From the overarching umbrella of our

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