The importance of Gratitude

I have a gratitude app on my smart phone. It just pinged me that I haven’t been grateful for anything in the last 3 days. I have been of course, I just haven’t written it down. I need to. It keeps me grounded. Gratitude is essential for the following reasons

  • A friend of mine, known as the Grateful Dad, intentionally lived a grateful life for one year, journaled it, and found that his business and life had exploded with growth. Gratitude provides enrichment to our lives.
  • No matter the situation, there is always something to be grateful for. It could even be for the tough ordeal that made you a stronger human being.
  • Gratitude is contagious. Taking up an “attitude of gratitude” spreads not only to your own life on a regular basis, but is caught by those around you. They will feel appreciated. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Like an oil well, gratitude breaks through the crusty top soil and taps into the valuable elixer below. The subsequent geyser is worth millions. Valuable indeed.
  • Gratitude points us to the smallest wonders of life; the laugh of a baby, the work of the ant, the growth of the flower. With gratitude everything seems charged with eternity
  • We can often develop amnesia for the good things in our lives. Gratitude keeps us focused on the current elements to celebrate. It keeps negativity at bay.

Living a grateful life is a sacred trust. It sees all of life as reason to celebrate even if you don’t necessarily feel like it at the time. I have friends with a diagnosis of cancer who are the most grateful people I know. For them, every moment in life is something to be grateful for.

How about you? What are somethings you are grateful for? I would love to read your responses

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One comment on “The importance of Gratitude
  1. Doug says:

    First, I’m grateful to you for the shout-out. I really appreciate your thoughts and encouragement as I well know the power of gratitude and always want to share it with others. Today I am grateful to Hoss at for helping me to re-launch my web-radio show, The Grateful Dad Radio Hour on the those airwaves. Be well and keep up the good work! Most gratefully, Doug Gertner, The Grateful Dad

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