Don’t suppress yourself

To be resilient requires that we be as vibrant in our emotional, physical, and spiritual lives as we can possibly be. Yet we come up against a force that holds us down and prevents us from thriving. It’s called suppression. Suppression has been the cause of ulcers, mental issues, insecurities, and ineffectiveness throughout all of human history.

Quite simply put, suppression is the holding down of who we really are and a folding in on ourselves by outside influences, memories, and even well meaning people. We seem to spend the first forty years of our life living out what we believe others want us to be and spend the last forty years living out who we were created to be in the first place.

My son is a fantastic swimmer. But for two years he was stuck in a pattern that produced the same times in his races. He wasn’t getting any faster and couldn’t break the “barrier” of time that he wanted to succeed. There was no evidence of improvement and it was getting him down. Two years is a long time.

I’m very proud of him. He could have suppressed his talent by telling himself that he was “washed up”, that his days of swimming excellence were over. He didn’t. He hung in there, working through the agony of not improving his times, and bounced back. He knew there was something inside him that would propel him forward. His hard work confirmed what he knew- he was fast and capable. He now has broken through the barrier and has risen to a new level of competence. He unleashed the best of himself.

How ‘bout you? Are there hopes and dreams that have been suppressed? Are your own thoughts suppressing who you really are? Why can’t the very wonder of who you are emerge, making an amazing difference in world?