How life excels and thrives

Scientists in the Arctic have bored down through two miles of ice and discovered ancient lakes that lie below. To their surprise they found evidence of simple microbial life thriving there. In spite of harsh, inhospitable conditions, life found a way to excel and thrive.

In the seemingly cold, harsh conditions of our world here on the surface, life, too finds a way to excel and thrive.

  • It excels and thrives when you deliver impeccable service because your client matters
  • It excels and thrives when you volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • It excels and thrives when you wrap your arms around a hurting child.
  • It excels and thrives when you find the humor in the absurd
  • It excels and thrives when you make a delicious meal to share with friends
  • It excels and thrives when you say no to unsavory offers
  • It excels and thrives when you stand up against teasing and bullying
  • It excels and thrives when you post compelling, positive entries on social media
  • It excels and thrives when you admit who you are matters to others

Life happens every moment. It excels and thrives, however, when you harness it with love, compassion, and action.

Bottom line: Life happens! It excels and thrives thru you.

What are other ways life excels and thrives through us?

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