The number one factor for success in business

There are many ideas on what makes for a successful business. Books upon books are written about how to achieve it. If you are small business owner you have been given, I’m sure, advice from all angles. But there is one factor that I think trumps them all. Ready for it? Here it is:

Speed of Execution

The faster you can get an idea to market the more chance of success you will have. The faster you can implement strategies the more chance of success you have. So many business owners are good at wallowing. They research and research or plan and plan without ever going anywhere.

How do you make a ship turn? It’s not the rudder. It’s movement. When a ship is moving, then the rudder can make it turn. So, get out of the harbor, move and make it happen.

How ’bout you? How fast are you moving on ideas? 

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