How to ease your mind from overload

Sometimes it feels like your head is going to bust open. There is so much information swirling around our brains we easily become numb to it all. It’s hard to discern what info should really get our attention and what should not. It feels like all that information just inflates our mind with undue pressure.

In those moments of mental saturation its good to organize your mind for optimized mental functioning. You need to ease your mind. You can do that in a few ways:
  1. Take a walk in a park and breathe in the fresh air. Keep your mp3 player at home and only process the information that nature provides.
  2. Boycott television one or two nights a week. Take a stand against all the worthless programming there is and the time we waste watching it.
  3. Disconnect from your online networks for a week and discover how much you really didn’t miss out on. This eliminates the stress of chronically feeling out of the loop.
  4. Read a good, long book. This not only taps into our desire for story, but rewires the brain for sustained attention.
  5. Engage in conversation with a few good friends for a couple of hours. Do this face to face, preferably with a bottle of wine. You’ll realize again how great it is to be in the presence of a real live person.

I’ve been incommunicado lately. I haven’t contributed to this blog in over two months. Not exactly sure why that is. I suspect some of it is disorganization and time management issues. Some of it probably is content fatigue- tired of contributing to the onslaught of information out there. But I suspect mostly it was because my brain was telling my mind to slow down a bit and get a grip; to de-clutter my thoughts and ease the pressure of a build up of information overload. I think I’ll go on a walk now, shut off the television, keep off of facebook, read a good book, and discuss it with friends over wine…ahhh…

How about you? What are some ways you ease your mind?

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