Four Easy Ways to Remain Hopeless

There’s a scene from the movie Braveheart when William Wallace loses all hope and lays down to die at the hands of the enemy. The gleam in his eye for the mission is extinguished. I’ve seen that deflated look in the eyes of some people. Many people have lost hope for a better future or job. Some have lost hope that their finances are going to improve. Some have just lost hope in hope. I myself have experienced the feeling of wanting to lay down and just give up.

It’s easy to become hopeless and stay there. It’s much harder to fight the tough realities of our lives and see the mission through. Here are some easy ways to remain hopeless:

  • Clam up with significant others and keep your struggles in an iron clad safe in your heart. Let them fester there.
  • Keep yourself from living with a faith in a loving God.
  • Maintain a mindset that chooses the defeatist attitude and loses it’s fighting spirit. Throw in the towel and call the fight.
  • Don’t fully commit to the journey you’re on in life. Play it safe at the margins and don’t invest in it fully.

What are some other easy ways to give in to hopelessness? Comment here>>


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