The challenge of population growth

I’ll admit it. I’m a romantic. I desire to see the world through optimistic lenses. My “big why”, the reason I get out of bed in the morning, is to help others “reimagine a hopefilled world”. That’s my heart. Yet too much optimism is unrealistic and leads to disappointment.

My mind on the other hand filters the world through a strainer of pessimism. The world can be very hard on romantics. But I have be honest about it. Yet, too much pessimism becomes irrational and leads to despair.

A critical part of being resilient in the world is to hold a healthy balance between unrealistic optimism and irrational pessimism; between disappointment and despair. One needs to be just foolish enough to realistically believe great things are yet to come, and just sober enough to honestly understand the challenges.

The following video speaks to a great concern my son has about the world. I do too. It’s a huge challenge and one that requires gritty resilience to handle. We have to balance optimistic reality with rational honesty. I think the video does a pretty good job with that. After watching, I would love to get your comments on how we can realistically and rationally engage this global challenge.


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