Key tactics for tough times

I need to stop reading and watching the news. The bad news keeps coming and coming. Economically, experts are stating that it could take at least nine years to get back to the economic levels before this severe recession kicked in. Our government is in unbelievable debt. Culturally, there's a general consensus that the global influence of the United States is waning. We are losing our standing as the world's sole super power. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen. Personally, I struggle with the diagnosis of bipolar II disorder and its subsequent severe depression.

It's crunch time.

What gets me through it? What gets any of us through our economic, cultural, and personal challenges?  I believe there are three key tactics for tough times. They're essential. I am going to explore them in further posts and make them the influence that undergirds everything else I write in this blog.

So what are they?

Humor, Hope, and Honesty. They are more profound than they seem on the surface. Everybody needs to activate them each and every day. I believe they make the world spin a whole lot better.  Much more on humor, hope, and honesty later…