Six pack abs and Family Dinners

A new study revealed that average bodies are as appealing to others as men who have six pack abs. That is good news for the majority of us who either by genetics or by lifestyle have bodies that are, quite simply, average.

Due to time constraints and shifting demographics, less and less families are sitting down at home to share a common table together. They seem quaint, unrealistic and outdated these days.  Average. They are mundane it's true, but how critical they are to communal health. 

It seems to me that most of the ills we are experiencing today is
because we didn't want to be average. The mundane was something to be
avoided and seen as a roadblock in our pursuit of excellence. The
creation of exotic mortgage packages, our overspending, and intense sports activities for the kids are all
symptoms of our flight from normalcy.

The point? All of our striving today and our frenetic attempts to be "excellent" may not be the best thing for us. We are conditioned by the myth of progress and the tug to be outstanding to believe that everyday life just doesn't cut it. Yet it is everyday life with its dirty dishes, pesky weeds and average tasks that ground us in reality and provides the greatest joy.  Being average doesn't mean mediocrity. It does mean that every moment of every day is spent unleashing the power of average.