The Joy-Driven Life

In the midst of all the upheavals in the world today, it is easy to ponder the sobering reality of life and fall into a major funk. But there is a greater truth and a richer response to life and what it means to be human: Joy. G.K. Chesterton, an English Journalist, Novelist, and Essayist who died in 1936 knew well the undercurrent of joy in life. A person is fully human, he says,

"when joy is the fundamental thing in him, and grief the superficial. Melancholy should be an innocent interlude, a tender and fugitive frame of mind;…Pessimism is at best an emotional half-holiday; joy is the uproarious labor by which all things live."

May all you labors this day be uproarious with joy

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One comment on “The Joy-Driven Life
  1. Jon Hokama says:

    I love that GK quote, Jeff. Thanks for sharing it!
    It reminds me of what C. S. Lewis said about joy:
    No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. To those who knock it is opened.

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