The leader’s mystique

Our time of extraordinary change involves extremely diminished morale and anger among citizens (with or without jobs); a grim budget year for states; an economic scare in European financial markets; an ecological disaster in the gulf coast of Louisiana; and the prospect of a lesser standard of living than in the past.  The list no doubt can go on and on.

What is needed for this time, this moment, is a unique kind of leader, a leader tasked with taking advantage of the crisis to cross over to a new model and way of doing and being. The following four deeply engrained abilities (inspired from one of my mentors, Jim Miller, whose "HopeLens" blog can be linked to on the side bar) embody a leader's mystique, an allure to spark the impulse to migrate together through our moment of extraordinary change.

Mud on our hands 

The participation of hard work alongside those we lead not only commands great respect, but seeds an inspiration for others to see their work as making a difference.  Leaders in crisis and change aren't afraid to dive in and dig in at every level of their organization, to do well what others deem not worthy of doing.

Love in our hearts

A leader understands the power of love as a critical undercurrent in the hearts of people. Love embodies itself in patience and kindness, humility and forgiveness, hope and a dogged pursuit of the truth. Nurturing these qualities daily soon leads to them being second nature in our relationships.

Stars in our eyes

Imagine what it would mean to your people if you inspired a vision that transcends the temporal difficulties they may face. This involves putting the gleam back in the eyes of people whose luster in life has slowly been extinguished. Be relentless in putting hope and enthusiasm before everyone you meet.

Curiosity in our minds

The ability to re-imagine and the permission to explore completely new ways of doing things (involving the encouragement of failure) is critical to contributing to a leader's mystique. Seek out wilder ideas from everyone at every level. You'll be honored as a leader that realizes life is not settled, but is in perpetual motion. Ideas are the catalyst moving forward.