Confession, Cruelty, and Mannequins

They say that confession is good for the soul.  A website that has been in existence for quite a while is PostSecret.  There anyone can confess a moral indiscretion or personal shortcoming.  My only question is, where do you find forgiveness?

A new website that has flown under the radar of most parents is  Established in November, 2009, it allows teenagers to post cruel, raw, and anonymous gossip. It is the proverbial bathroom stall on the web. It's easier to be scathingly cruel with the anonymity of the internet.

We are all familiar with mannequins, those bodily representations made from plaster and paint. An article in the New York Times asks, "what do they tell us about who we are." Some are now becoming faceless (without any particular features) to reflect a generic that transcends ethnicity and gender.