How it feels sometimes

The many harsh realities of the so called Great Recession seem to cobble together and accentuate one bad thing after another and turn them into one horrendous thing – a pit.

After a while, as the pit gets deeper, you experience a giddy resignation. You can't explain it, it's so counter intuitive, but you do it. No matter how deep, insurmountable, or irreparable the pit, there sometimes comes a unique moment when you just give into the situation. When all resources are exhausted, what else can you do?

One of my favorite scenes that highlights the movement toward giddy resignation is from the movie "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long.  Together they buy what they thought was their dream house, only to find out that it was indeed a money pit, persistently draining every ounce of financial, emotional, and relational resolve they had.

This scene is from Tom Hanks' character giving up and giddily giving in to a crappy situation. It's how it feels sometimes…