Toys from the 1970’s

These few posts will explore the cultural and generational changes through the toys of each decade – kinda fun and interesting.

Toys From The 1970s
In the 70s, the Rubiks Cube (originally designed by a Hungarian Mathematician as an aid to teach math concepts to his students ) hit big with a complicated, confusing formula that captivated children and adults alike.

The skateboard was also released in 1975. It was a simple toy developed almost as a novelty that only took a short while to boom into the sport that we all recognize today. By the 1980s, the skateboard was equal parts children’s toy and adult sport opportunity.

The 1970s saw the development of a half dozen other popular toys for adults and kids alike, such as home robotics kits and early electronic games such as Pong.

Dolls such as Crissy and Velvet were largely popular, alongside matchbox cars and slot car racer kits. The toys of the day were equal parts new technology and classic nostalgic flare.