Twitchy, Fragmented, and Filthy

I'm not sure where I picked this up from (my apologies to the source!), but I found it recently in my journal and thought it was worth passing along. It is an attempt to statistically describe the state of our lives.  They are highlighted under three headings:


  • 6.5 = The hours a day Americans age 8 -18 spend using electronic media
  • 8.5 = The hours of media exposure packed into that time thanks to "media multi-tasking
  • 26 = Electronic devices for communication and media in the average home
  • 11 = Minutes the average office worker works without interruption.


  • 44% = Americans who no longer belong to their childhood faith
  • 33% = Drop in family dinners over the past 25 years
  • 45% = Drop in how often people invite friends to their homes over the past 25 years


  • 39 = Minutes until another pornographic video is made
  • $300 = Amount spend on porn every second
  • 89% = Porn websites produced in the United States

Just some food for thought on our cultural moment…