Predictions: 2026 – 2045

The following are excerpted from
the British Telecom Technology Timeline (information
was compiled f by Ian Neild and Ian Pearson from
worldwide sci-tech reports in 2005):

  • AI entity sets up higher-level
    prize for advanced intelligence
  • Learning superseded by
    transparent interface to smart computer
  • Robots physically and mentally
    superior to humans
  • Emulation of bio life form
    inside the computer using protein emulation
  • Living genetically engineered
    teddy bear
  • Production, storage, and use of
  • Space factories for commercial
  • First war without any casualties
    from friendly fire
  • Robots outnumber soldiers on
  • Smart bacteria used as military
    threat to mankind
  • Attacks based on facilitating
    natural disasters
  • Smart-bacteria weapons
  • Gated cities for civilized
  • Use of solar wind deflectors to
    set fire to cities
  • Nanotech-based virus
    communicable between machines and people, sent over
  • Asteroid diversion used as
  • Moon base the size of small
  • Insect-sized robots banned in
    gardens due to effects on wildlife
  • Robotic delivery for internal
  • Robotic exercise
  • More robots than people in
    developed countries
  • Android gladiators
  • Genetic modification used to
    make organic robots
  • i-Robot-style robots with
    polymer muscles and strong AI
  • Emotion transmission and
    conversion (feel love or anger)
  • Digital image overlays enhance
  • Global voting is held on some
  • Network-based telepathy begins
    to take place online
  • Language teaching decline due to
    machine translation services
  • Learning superseded by
    transparent interface to smart computers
  • 95 percent of people in advanced
    nations are computer literate
  • VR extensively used in
    retirement homes
  • Restricted capability home
    genetic engineering kits
  • Experience recording allows
    retention of complete set of sensations
  • "Running man"-style
    entertainment shows using androids
  • Widespread use of sensors in the
  • Artificial precipitation
    induction & control
  • Global environmental-management
  • Electronic memory
  • Many new forms of plants and
    animals from genetic engineering
  • Nanobots in toothpaste attack
  • Fully functioning artificial
  • Electronic brain implants
  • Genetic, chemical, and
    physiological bases of human behavior
  • First Bionic Olympics
  • e-babies, genetic
  • DNA compression used to create
    optimal organisms
  • Virus crosses over from machine
    to human
  • Synthetic immune system
  • Artificial peripheral
  • Sims game using real
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