Predictions: 2016 – 2025

The following are excerpted from
the British Telecom Technology Timeline (information
was compiled by Ian Neild and Ian Pearson from
worldwide sci-tech reports in 2005):

  • AI technology imitating thinking
    processes of the brain
  • AI teachers get better results
    than most human teachers
  • AI starts being noticed as a
    source of redundancy
  • Computers write most of their
    own software
  • Human knowledge is exceeded by
    machine knowledge
  • Electronic pets outnumber
    organic pets
  • Electronic life form given basic
  • Artificial insects and small
    animals with artificial brains
  • AI entity becomes a Member of
    British Parliament
  • Smart bacteria contains
    electronics and is linked to net
  • AI brings chimpanzee or dolphin
    up to human-level intelligence
  • AI entity awarded Nobel
  • Virus wipes out half of the
    electronic pet population
  • Remote-control devices built
    into living pets
  • AI entities given the right to
  • Nanotech-based organism colonies
  • Synthetic bacteria is
  • Artificial sensors used in
    cosmetic upgrade surgery
  • Smart makeup works to improve
    people's looks
  • Listing of individual's DNA
    for $1 (10M key base pairs)
  • More people using telework
    centers than home working
  • Telework centers double as
    community resources
  • Police force privatized in many
  • Films where viewers can choose
    who acts in each role
  • Autonomous production plants
    make everything
  • Retirement age begins to be
    linked to a person's medical history
  • Holodecks using room lined
    completely with polymer screens
  • Thought recognition as an
    everyday input process
  • Self-diagnostic, self-repairing
  • War fought entirely between
    robot armies
  • ID cards replaced by biometric
  • Fuel cells replace
    internal-combustion engines
  • Life expectancy approaches