The four most needed abilities

In the oscillating wonder of my bipolar disorder, I've reflected back on how I migrated through its extreme changes relatively unscathed.  Since so much of life is bipolar (the stock market being just one example), I offer four abilities I've found to be most needed for navigating the extreme changes of our time. Though each of these abilities are inherent in everyone, enhancing them (in bold) is what makes the difference:

A potent communication: Everyone communicates.  Everyone has something to say.  Everyone has an idea to share. The problem is, most people don't know how to propagate their desires effectively.  Their communication lacks potency.  To add significance to your communication you need to be clear. Clarity is the antidote to anxiety and has the power to break through the intensity of critical moments.  Deeply ask yourself why you want to communicate an idea and then consider how you are going to best do that (orally, written, social networking). The finest resource for becoming crystal clear in your communication, and adding potency to your message is Dynamic Communicators here>

A robust collaboration: In our wild west history and ingrained rugged individualism, we often go through intense change alone. Since life is a narrative and we are defined by stories, the best model for collaboration is the dynamic of movie making. To create elaborate and compelling stories, movie makers need hundreds of people vigorously working toward a common goal (just stay for the credits at the end). Who are the people you can gather right now to enrich the narrative of your life story? Ask them to be a part of what you are creating.  Don't worry about it – they will be honored to do it.

A persistent adaptation: Life is in perpetual motion. By the time you finish reading this sentence your body will have slightly altered itself to adjust to the passage of time. Change is constant and inevitable. Adjustments are constantly needed.  This requires resiliency – the ability to bounce back effectively from life's challenges.  In order to rebound with renewed vigor and insight, one must always be tethered to principles. He who has the compass has the freedom of the seas.  If you know your true north, that which is you most valuable to you, you'll have a challenging and exhilarating adventure navigating your life.  If, however, your compass is broke or lost all together, you'll end up ship wrecked in a place you'd rather not be.  I've written a handbook (soon to be ebook) on resilience and bouncing back.  Check it out here>

A vibrant imagination: The one quality that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is imagination. All human beings are imaginative creatures, the tragedy is that it often lies dormant as we get older and cowers the more stressful our lives become. The ability to face a future or a problem with a hopefull set of internal eyes is one that can be strengthened and renewed.  Imagination nurtured diminishes the fear to do something creative.  Check out this resource to recapture your creative spirit here>