Who would have thought…?

.that when you wished your kids didn't need you so much, you would someday wish that they did?

..that when there wasn't enough time in the day, you might someday wonder how to fill your free time?

..that when you couldn't wait to get your driver's license, you would someday try to decide when to give it up?

..that you would finally have more than enough stuff?

..that grandchildren grow even faster than children?

..that when people told you to enjoy your (time, education, job, kids, friends, health, spouse, etc.), you would someday realize why?

..that some people are grateful no matter what, and some are ungrateful no matter what?

..that when you struggled to make ends meet, they finally would?

..that each day can be a blessing and a chance to be a blessing to others?

..that a smile, a touch and a listening ear are worth more than expensive presents?

..that there's always something new to learn?

..that you would never get tired of watching a sunset, a rainbow, or a baby's first steps?

..that the best things in life ARE free?

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