Jeff Vankooten
is passionate about helping people access and enhance their innate abilities to effectively navigate contemporary change. His humorous demeanor, divergent
thinking, and uncanny ability to relate to a broad spectrum of
audiences has garnered rave reviews as one of the best speakers
available today.


are a crazily gifted communicator! Articulation. Energy. Wit.
Character. Guts. A message. It’s rare to find someone who has all of
those talents wrapped into a single person.”

-Ron Forseth, Vice-President, Outreach, Inc.

“Out of a possible score of 5 in three categories, (objectives, work of
presenter, & met my expectations), you scored 4.8, 4.8, and 4.7,
respectively. One person even gave you 5+, 5+, and 5+!”

-Lisa Mull, Conference Coordinator


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Jeff Vankooten is a speaker and author focusing on the power of resilience to effectively engage the challenges of change. He helps leaders, businesses, and organizations develop the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly unpredictable business environment.
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