Physical vs. Virtual reality

Adbusters_84 The following is from Adbusters, an organization that calls itself a "global network of culture jammers and creatives working to
change the way information flows, the way corporations wield power, and
the way meaning is produced in our society." 

I always explore their magazine of the same name as I personally find it provocative and challenging in these in-between times:

Have you noticed the contours of your life changing with every must-have technological innovation and minute spent on the Internet? Have you detected any differences in your once richly textured, wildly spontaneous way of being? Have you begun to suspect that the more interconnected you are, the flatter, duller and more predictable your existence becomes?

A specter is haunting the mind of the industrialized world – the specter of the virtual.
-Metaverse Manifesto, Orange Montagne

At what point did our computers go from being a tool to enhance our lives to a medium through which to live our lives?
-Alan Beck

As the physical world slips away and our culture flattens, the bluish glow of the virtual realm beckons … Suddenly humanity is faced with an existential choice. Will we take the plunge?